Coco, an XL Bully from Hertfordshire, has "her whole life ahead of her" after being re-homed shortly before her breed was banned.

The dog, which had been cared for by Buntingford's RATS Animal Rescue, was given a new home just days before new regulations came into force on December 31.

Before being taken in by RATS, Coco had been left neglected, in isolation, with minimal human interaction in an empty house.

In an attempt to find her a new home before the deadline, the charity started a 'Coco’s Christmas Miracle’ campaign.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Jay, with rescue dogs Coco and Bella.Jay, with rescue dogs Coco and Bella. (Image: RATS Animal Rescue)

Military veteran Jay and his partner Kelly saw the appeal for Coco published on The Royston Crow - one of our Hertfordshire websites - and contacted the kennels to register their interest.

The two-year-old is now living "a fulfilled, happy life by the seaside" with Jay's family and his other rescue dog, a Staffy cross called Bella.

According to RATS, Jay is fully committed to Coco’s training and care, and - as Bella is also classed as an XL Bully - he has been taking both dogs through the exemption process these past few weeks to ensure their safety.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Coco and Bella enjoying their new lives by the seaside.Coco and Bella enjoying their new lives by the seaside. (Image: RATS Animal Rescue)

Coco has taken to training "like a duck to water" and responds very well to Jay’s gentle instruction.

She is also very partial to snoozing on the sofa with Bella, luxuriating in a life filled with love and devotion - a far cry from the traumas of her previous life when her last owners neglected her.

Anjuli Cooper, of RATS Animal Rescue, said: “We’ve been delighted to hear how well Coco has settled in with Jay and his family and have been receiving regular updates on her progress - and we remain on hand to offer any guidance and support which is so important in these early stages.


“There is so much worry, confusion and uncertainty surrounding XL bullies at present, and it is heart-breaking to hear about, so we are incredibly grateful that we have been able to help and make a positive difference for Coco.

"She has her whole life ahead of her as she is only two years old, and she can now look forward to a wonderful life by the seaside with a family who love her.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Coco and Bella enjoy sleeping on the sofa together in their new home.Coco and Bella enjoy sleeping on the sofa together in their new home. (Image: RATS Animal Rescue)

"We’ll be forever grateful to Jay and his family for giving her the second chance she so deserved.”