Plans have been submitted for two new homes to be constructed on Green Belt land near Hatfield and Brookmans Park.

The application - for the site of Swan Stables, Woodside Lane - would see two dwellings created to the east of the former stable buildings.

Both properties would be detached bungalows that mirror a "stables conversion style".

A design and access statement, included within the application, reads: "The design of the dwelling will be a bungalow.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: A house design replicating a former stable, included within the application.A house design replicating a former stable, included within the application. (Image: PNA Architectural Design / Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council)

"These single-storey types of dwelling are no longer common on housing developments with developers preferring houses.

"It is fair to say that they are in short supply but the nature of the site dictates that this appeal proposal must be a bungalow style dwelling to fit in with its surroundings.

"These types of dwelling can be particularly suited to the elderly or persons with special needs.

"Councils need to provide a mix and range of dwellings.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: A proposed site plan for the development.A proposed site plan for the development. (Image: PNA Architectural Design / Welwyn Hatfield Borough Counil)

"Not only are bungalows in short supply but a growing ageing population necessitates more choice in retirement housing."

In total, 11 comments and objections have been made to the plan, with one resident naming the location "a notorious spot for crashes and serious car accidents".

The comment, from a neighbour of the proposed development, reads: "Residents have frequently raised concerns around speed levels, merging junctions and lack of provision for Chancellors (School) students to be able to walk to school safely on this busy road.

"If further properties are to be allowed, bringing with them increased traffic levels, they cannot be allowed to set any precedent for future increased building within an already dangerous area."


Hertfordshire County Council also raised an objection based on traffic levels in the area.

The comment states: "The Highway Authority wishes to raise an objection due to concerns regarding the access arrangements and lack of provision for pedestrians and cyclists as well as potential highway safety concerns."

The application can be viewed by using reference 6/2023/2454/OUTLINE on the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council planning portal.