A planning application has been submitted to demolish a home in Digswell and replace it with a new dwelling that includes a natural swimming pond.

The plans, which are currently under consultation, would see the existing dwelling at 98 Harmer Green Lane knocked down to make way for a two-storey, four-bedroom home.

"Landscape Proposals for 98 Harmer Green Lane have been developed as part of a planning application submitted to re-develop the current dwelling and replace it with an attractive family home," reads the application.

The home is part of the Green Belt, but the home would be categorised as "infill development", therefore making it "appropriate" for the land.

"Landscape proposals for 98 Harmer Green Lane seek to balance the needs of a family with those of a potentially diverse habitat," the plans continue.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The property comes with four bedrooms.The property comes with four bedrooms. (Image: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council)

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"Wildlife measure of particular note are the significant strengthening of the left boundary with semi-mature native hedging, and planting of 35 trees throughout the site.

"Maintaining boundary permeability has high value in maintaining existing landscape corridors and the installation of a large natural swimming pool to replace hard standing will have a significantly beneficial effect on biodiversity.

"Alongside this maintaining areas of long grass and large areas of native species plants will have a collectively beneficial effect for wildlife."

Welwyn Hatfield Times: A natural swimming pond will replace a tennis court.A natural swimming pond will replace a tennis court. (Image: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council)

As part of the proposal, a tennis court at the property would be replaced with a natural swimming pond, while the current swimming pool would upgraded.

"The creation of a natural pool with areas of marginal aquatic planting and naturalistic native and non-native planting is intended to maximise the natural beauty of this part of the garden," the planning application continues.

"Currently this area is includes a hard surface tennis court with fencing, this will be replaced by the pool."

To view the application, visit planning.welhat.gov.uk, and search 6/2023/2528/FULL.