Motorcycle parking at Welwyn North station has been restored to full capacity, following complaints from rail users.

Kris Lockyer was used to parking his motorcycle in the small brick building provided on the east side of the line, but the space was limited by the installation of a gritting salt container.

"Only with care, can two motorcycles park there," he told the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

"Recently, a plastic storage bin has been installed in the parking bay, for winter salt I believe.  This means that I can no longer easily park there on the way to work.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Kris believes this would have been a better spot for the salt bin.Kris believes this would have been a better spot for the salt bin. (Image: Kris Lockyear)

"With care and a 20-point turn, I can just squeeze in, but the top box still protrudes, and it also makes it quite difficult for the second bike to get back out again. 

"The notice in the parking bay clearly says that bikes "partially or completely blocking walkways" will be removed.

"There is a second parking area on the west side of the car park, but that has a car parking bay immediately in front of it.

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"If someone has parked there, I cannot get into the spot without scratching their paintwork. Even if I can get in, I run the risk of not being able to get out again if someone has parked there while I am in London.

"This all means that although there is plentiful car parking at Welwyn North, and a pretty good provision for bicycles, there is now, essentially, only one functional motorcycle parking spot."

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Great Northern confirmed the salt bin had now been removed.Great Northern confirmed the salt bin had now been removed. (Image: Great Northern)

The Welwyn Hatfield Times contacted station operators Great Northern for comment, and they confirmed the bin has now been removed, and apologised for "causing customer difficulties".

"The storage cupboard was put in to help us keep the station safe for customers in the snow and ice," said a Great Northern spokesperson.

"We're sorry it caused our customer difficulties and would like to thank him for raising the issue. As soon as we had established the facts, we set to work to put things right."