A new defibrillator has been installed in a heated box outside Hatfield Practice in Ground Lane, Hatfield, which offers physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture.

The lifesaving equipment was partly funded by Cllr Peter Hebden, of Hatfield East division, and also funded voluntarily by the physiotherapists and osteopaths at the practice.

A spokesperson for Hatfield Practice said:  "The defibrillator is massively beneficial to our community and is close to Simmons, the baker and Maddisons, the florist."

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The defibrillator at Hatfield PracticeThe defibrillator at Hatfield Practice (Image: Ian Norman)

Hatfield Practice has been established since 1988, and has treated more than 30,000 people from Welwyn Hatfield since it began.

In addition to physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture, the practice also offers sports therapy and massages, with full details available at www.hatfieldpractice.co.uk

The defibrillator is at 6, Ground Lane - with the next nearest defibrillator based at Setting Out hairdressers in Birchwood Avenue.


Cllr Peter Hebden said: "Cardiac arrest remains a leading cause of death. Public knowledge and access to defibrillators are vital in enabling early access to lifesaving equipment."

Defibrillators work by giving someone's heart an electric shock when it has stopped beating normally in a sudden cardiac arrest.

The defibrillator checks the patient's heart rhythm once the pads are placed on their chest, and gives them a shock if needed.

By using a defibrillator before an ambulance arrives, you can significantly increase someone's chances of survival.