A vital Welwyn Garden City bus service has been restored after residents and councillors fought to have it return to twice-hourly runs.

The 403 bus service runs from Great Ganett to Haldens, via the New QEII hospital and Welwyn Garden City town centre, and was cut in half by the provider Arriva earlier this year.

A campaign, led by Labour Councillors Lucy Musk and Astrid Scott, saw residents battle to have the 403 restored to full service, which ultimately proved successful.

Twice-hourly services will be reinstated in January next year, much to the delight of Haldens ward Councillor Scott.

"Since the service was dropped to one bus an hour, passengers along the route have suffered a terrible service, which has left Haldens residents isolated and unable to rely on the bus," she said.

"Most people cannot afford taxis to the hospital or the shops, so they were effectively stranded in their homes.

"I’m overjoyed that Hertfordshire County Council has agreed under pressure from the community to reinstate the twice hourly service in January."

Councillor Musk added: "I’m delighted that we have a resolution for our residents and wider communities across Welwyn Garden City. This shows that Labour can deliver real results."