Plans have been submitted for a solar farm at Stanborough Park, which would be big enough to provide power to 3,000 homes across Welwyn Hatfield.

The proposal, made by J. Reddington Ltd, would see solar panels spanning 10 hectares built on land sandwiched between the A6129 to the east, and Stanborough Lake to the west.

According to the planning statement "the proposed solar farm aims to generate up to 10 megawatts of electricity, which would be enough to power over 3,000 homes in Welwyn Hatfield". 

It is also estimated that "1,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually" would be displaced by the farm, while renewable electricity production would go from 5,062 MWh to 14,062MWh, an increase of 177 per cent.

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"Battery storage units will store excess energy generated during periods of abundant sunlight and make it available for subsequent use when electricity demand surpasses solar production, such as during the evening or cloudy weather conditions," the application continued.

"In addition to the solar farm infrastructure, the proposals include the establishment of new planting and wildlife habitats, and care has been taken to avoid development to the perimeters of the site which contain the most wildlife interest, including the Stanborough Reed Marsh LNR to the south eastern boundary."

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