A planning application has been submitted to construct an array of 40 solar panels on Green Belt land in Potters Bar.

The plans have been proposed by a Mr Knight, and the site would be built in Woodlands, off School Road and within the Metropolitan Green Belt - statutory Green Belt around London.

The array will be made up of four rows of 10 panels, and the "system will be a total of 17.22m in width and 6.1m in depth with a very low height of 640mm".

"The purpose of the solar panels is to offer the homeowner a renewable energy source by providing and converting the solar energy to electricity," read a planning statement.

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"At times electric power may be generated which is surplus to the requirements of the dwelling and this will be returned to the local electricity grid for consumption by other premises as a source of green power."

The application also points out that while the plans would be classed as an "inappropriate development within the Green Belt", there are "special circumstances including the wider environmental benefits associated with increased production of energy from renewable sources".

To view the application, visit planning.welhat.gov.uk/Planning/Display/6/2023/1804/FULL.