A slimmer from Hatfield who lost more than five stone for her wedding has revealed her weight loss secrets.

Alice Clark joined the Slimming World group, held at St Peter's Catholic Church hall, in January 2023, in an effort to turn her health around and slim down for her wedding.

The 32-year-old went on to lose 5st 8lbs, citing the change in her diet as key.

"At first, I was so surprised at the variety of food I could eat," she said.

"I’ve found that the group is the best place for advice, recipes, hints and tips on where the best offers are. At group we share recipe ideas as well as tips for shopping on a budget.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Alice has lost 5stoneAlice has lost 5stone (Image: Alice Clark)

"I cooked a lot before, but didn't really think about what I was putting in my body. I just cooked wholesome family meals with the odd cheeky takeaway thrown in.

"Now, I’m losing weight and eating a wider variety of food and choosing healthier options. I'm eating more fruit and vegetables, and lean meats for myself and my family."

Alice was also keen to thank group leader Amy Jefferies and her fellow slimmers for their support, adding: "Amy and the other members in group were so friendly from the get-go, and we had such a laugh.

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"Each week, I look forward to seeing how everyone’s got on and I know people care about my success too, which is lovely."

Amy also issued a number of tips to lose weight, with meal planning one of the key methods.

"Slimmers said they planned their meals, made a list and stuck to it," she said. 

"Not only did this enable them to stay on track with their weight loss, they also only brought what they needed and had budgeted for.

"Some Slimming World members also suggested committing to only visiting stores once a week, shopping online and paying in cash so you’re physically unable to go over an allocated budget."

To join the Hatfield Slimming World Group, call Amy on 07702 911160, or find your local group at www.slimmingworld.co.uk