Staff and residents from Quantum Care homes across Hertfordshire visited Knebworth House for a "captivating" performance from the Connaught Opera.

Three Connaught Opera artists - Glenn Wilson, Maria Arakie and pianist Nicholas Bosworth - performed a selection of operatic songs and musical pieces on Thursday, September 7.

The event takes place annually at Knebworth House, with permission from the Lytton Cobbold family who open up their home to the care home residents in the afternoon.

Minibuses, taxis and limousines helped transport residents from care homes across the county to the historic venue, taking in the grounds of the estate on the way.


According to Quantum Care staff, the audience - some of whom have also attended in previous years - was "enthralled from start to finish and simply could not help but join in with some of the pieces".

A spokesperson for Quantum Care said: "Our deepest thanks to the Lytton Cobbold family and to the members of the Connaught Opera for making the day so special for our residents.

"This is definitely one of the highlights on our event calendar and everyone really looks forward to it.

"Knebworth House is the perfect venue for such an amazing performance."