A planning application has been submitted for 14 new homes on land at Brookmans Park Golf Club.

The plans have been drawn up the golf club itself, and propose the development, named The Paddock, be built on a patch of land in the south eastern corner of the course.

"It is envisaged that properties 1 to 9 would be detached, and properties 10 to 14 would take the form of a one-bedroom coach house and four two-bedroom flats, and would not exceed two-storeys in height," the application reads.

"Brookmans Park Golf Club, as stewards to the land within its control, acts to ensure that all associated land is well maintained, and stays respective of its land designations, including the purposes of the Green Belt.

"The last five to 10 years have seen fierce competition between neighbouring golf clubs, less time on the course by individuals and following the COVID-19 pandemic, financial losses have soared.

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"Now more so than ever, adaptation is vital to ensure the club can continue to operate successfully."

Brookmans Park Golf Club members have expressed their support for the application, with one commenting that the "land has never been put to any meaningful or recreational use".

Neighbours have also been backing the plans, with one saying: "The golf club is a wonderful asset to the village of Brookmans Park and the plans for refurbishment are very exciting.

"It brings together the people from the village, young and not so young, and this will only get better with new facilities and new properties.

"I have lived in Brookmans park for 40 years and am looking forward to this development."

Another neighbour wrote: "The revenue streams generated by the development would allow an integral part of our community to thrive well in to the future.

"The golf course is a central hub that I believe would truly suffer if this development planning was declined."

There have been concerns raised though, with objection raising issue with increased traffic caused by the development, while another believes not enough is being done to protected red-listed birds.