Isabel Hospice is to hold a free 'Retire Well’ event at the John Lewis store in Welwyn Garden City.

For those approaching retirement, or those having recently retired, the sessions will be held on Wednesday, September 6.

The event has been designed to help attendees navigate the path of retirement, a prospect that can be daunting to some, and to support the transition from work to retirement.

Participants will explore how practising mindfulness, gentle exercise, and even volunteering, are all great ways to boost your wellbeing during this new phase in life.

The hour-long sessions, of which there are three to pick from, are being held at John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City town centre.




They will offer those attending the chance to hear from an expert in health and wellbeing, Kirsten Whitehouse, on all aspects of staying active, in both body and mind, after they retire.

Kirsten, of Wolf Approach Fitness, said: “The key to life is happiness and the key to happiness is balanced wellbeing.

"As a fitness professional, I often encounter clients’ amazement when I go on about the balance between mental and physical wellbeing: people expect me to say that as long as you train enough, everything is okay, but nothing could be further from the truth.

"Your physical wellbeing depends massively on your mental wellbeing and vice versa.

"In my personal life, exercise has helped me get through a breakdown; regular movement is well-known to lower cortisol levels, improve sleep and metabolism, and support overall wellbeing.

"Likewise, a strong, healthy mind has a massive impact on your physical ability and health.

"It is therefore important to find harmony between them both, and create balance in all aspects of your life, including physical and mental wellness, social interactions, the sense of purpose and adding value, and so much more.

"I’m looking forward to introducing this concept of Wolf Approach Fitness in more detail on the day and supporting the amazing work of Isabel Hospice.”

Retirement marks a new chapter in life, bringing newfound time to explore a range of different opportunities.

One path to consider during this phase is volunteering. Engaging in volunteer work for a charity, such as Isabel Hospice, not only benefits a cause that matters to you, but it can also significantly contribute to enhancing your overall wellbeing.

During the 'Retire Well' event, attendees will also hear from Isabel Hospice volunteer Ruth Salter.

Ruth has been a retail volunteer for over five years, after looking for something to keep her mind and body active after retiring as a buying manager for Tesco.

Ruth will discuss not only how rewarding she has found volunteering but the many unexpected benefits it has provided her.

She said: “For me, volunteering in retirement has maintained my independence, I’m not just mum, wife or nan, it has given me a real sense of purpose in the community!

"It’s also allowed me to apply my knowledge from my working life (as well as develop new skills) and share them with my colleagues, who I’m happy to say, are also now friends!”

The ‘Retire Well’ event is being held on Wednesday, September 6 at John Lewis & Partners, Welwyn, Community & Events Room, over three sessions throughout the day - 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Light refreshments will be provided.

To sign up, email with your preferred session time by Friday, September 1.