The 2023 GP Patient Survey has revealed the best and worst surgeries in Welwyn Hatfield.

The survey asked residents for their views on their doctors' surgeries across a range of different areas.

The number of surveys completed varies from surgery to surgery, and does not represent every patient who is registered at any one centre.

Welwyn Garden City

In Welwyn Garden City, four surgeries were rated in the 70s, with Spring House Health securing the top spot with 79 per cent.

Peartree Lane Surgery had the worst satisfaction rating with 64 per cent.

  1. Spring House Health – 79 per cent
  2. The Garden City Practice – 78 per cent
  3. Hall Grove Group Practice – 77 per cent
  4. Bridge Cottage Surgery – 75 per cent
  5. Peartree Lane Surgery – 64 per cent



In Hatfield, Potterells Medical Centre was rated as the best with a massive 88 per cent satisfaction.

Wrafton House Surgery and Burvill House Surgery were both rated in the 60s, but it was the latter with the lower rating of 66 per cent.

  1. Potterells Medical Centre – 88 per cent
  2. Lister House Surgery – 73 per cent
  3. Wrafton House Surgery – 67 per cent
  4. Burvill House Surgery – 66 per cent


Potters Bar

In Potters Bar, Highview Medical Centre and Ananndale Medical Centre were closely matched, but it was Highview with the higher rating of 77 per cent.

Parkfield was the lowest rated with 64 per cent.

  1. Highview Medical Centre – 77 per cent
  2. Ananndale Medical Centre – 76 per cent
  3. Parkfield Medical Centre – 64 per cent