Fourteen new trainee detectives have joined Hertfordshire Constabulary.

They were formally welcomed to Hertfordshire Constabulary at a graduation ceremony held at police headquarters in Welwyn Garden City on Friday, July 7, attended by friends, family and senior officers.

This is the first cohort of 14 trainee detectives to have joined the force from the Police Now National Detective Programme.

Their hard work in completing their initial training was celebrated by Chief Constable Charlie Hall, who gave a congratulatory speech, wishing them luck in their new policing careers.

He said: “Our new recruits have already completed extensive training through the Police Now academy where they took part in a mixture of classroom-based and practical activities and assessments before passing their National Investigators’ Exam.

"I am delighted to welcome them to the force and I was impressed by their enthusiasm and passion to help others. I have no doubt that they will provide the best service to support our communities.”

The Police Now detective scheme aims to make a real difference to communities.

Detectives are responsible for investigating and solving more complex and serious crimes, by collecting evidence, establishing the truth of what happened, and bringing justice to victims impacted by crime.




Herts' new recruits will now be stationed across the county, while they continue their work to complete Police Now’s two-year programme of in-force training, with an immersion period in police uniform on a response team to develop their core policing skills.

David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, said: “Congratulations to these new detectives for passing their initial training.

"I am confident that their passion will provide victims of crime with the most critical support."

If you feel inspired to join Hertfordshire Constabulary as a detective or police officer, visit



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