In two weeks' time, a demonstration is set to take place outside Welwyn Garden City Railway Station as members of the public protest against the automation of grocery stores. 

Last year, Tesco chose to remove a majority of manned checkouts from its larger stores and as it looks to increase self-service provision. 

According to Grocery Gazette, Tesco said that the "lack of customer demand" for staffed checkouts was the reason behind this move. 

The demonstration will take place on Friday, June 16, at 10am at the railway station, where shuttle buses are taking shareholders to the Tesco Annual General Meeting.  

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A petition was launched last month by members who organised the demonstration. 

It has over 240,000 signatures opposing the move to automation. 

An organiser of the protest said: "This new way of shopping is destroying jobs, disenfranchising many and making our shopping trips self-service-card-only. This is not what tens of thousands of you want.

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"We will be handing out leaflets to shareholders and making our presence known. 

"The demo and distribution of leaflets will start at 10am, giving us enough time to lobby shareholders." 

To find out more about the demonstration or to sign the petition, go to