Race for Life is coming to Stanborough Park in Welwyn Garden City this weekend to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The races and Pretty Muddy events take place on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28.

On Saturday, boys and girls aged five to 10 can take part in Pretty Muddy Kids, a mud-splattered obstacle course which includes a mud pit, space hopper and an inflatable slide, with plenty of photo opportunities across the course.

There will be a mass energiser/aerobics warm-up at 9.45am, with the horn sounding to start the event at 10am.

People taking part in Pretty Muddy Adults can assemble for a warm-up at 10.45am. 

The adults - in groups of around 200 at a time - set off on the Pretty Muddy obstacle course every 15 minutes throughout the afternoon.


The Race for Life events will be held in Stanborough Park on Sunday, May 28. 

Adults and children taking part in the 3k, 5k and 10k races will gather to prepare for their events at 10.15am, for a mass energiser/aerobics warm-up at 10.45am.

Participants will set off after a countdown at 11am.

The 3k, 5k, 10k and Pretty Muddy events raise millions of pounds each year to help beat cancer by funding life-saving research.