JLS star Oritsé Williams has pledged his support for a Welwyn Garden City-based international development charity at an event to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The singer spoke at the House of Lords as Carers Worldwide marked a decade of helping unpaid family carers in low and middle-income countries.

Oritsé was a carer himself, looking after his mother when he was a child, and spoke about his experiences and praised the charity's work, saying: "This is a cause that people don’t talk about, but that affects so many people.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The JLS star spoke at the House of Lords.The JLS star spoke at the House of Lords. (Image: Carers Worldwide)

"It’s amazing to see a movement there to help and support people and I’m very engaged with what Carers Worldwide is doing to support unpaid carers, including young carers, in South Asia."

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Carers Worldwide was founded by Anil and Ruth Patil, with the aim of recognising and transforming the lives of unpaid family carers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

As well as celebrating 10 years of work, the charity launched their strategic plan for the next three years to 2025.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Oritsé cared for his mother as a child.Oritsé cared for his mother as a child. (Image: Carers Worldwide)

"We are so pleased that Oritsé was able to join us and share his passion for supporting young carers around the world," said Anil. 

"His desire to fight for their recognition and support is inspiring and we look forward to working with him in the future.

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"Over the past decade, Carers Worldwide has had a profound impact, transforming the lives of nearly 150,000 unpaid carers and family members across three countries - India, Nepal and Bangladesh - through our grassroots initiatives and advocacy for policy change.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Anil Patel.Anil Patel. (Image: Carers Worldwide)

"While our 10th year has been momentous, our work and journey must continue. We remain committed to our vision of a world where every carer is valued and their needs are met."

Baroness Manzila Pola Uddin, who hosted the event, added: "Unpaid carers remain invisible without any complaint - all they want is to care for someone they love dearly.

"We must strive for a future where support for carers becomes an inherent part of society. I urge you to join us in lifting up the voices of carers."