The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published a map that reveals the main languages spoken around Hertfordshire after English. 

Data from the 2021 census shows in England and Wales, 91.1 per cent of residents aged three years and over speak English as a main language.  

This is a percentage decrease compared to the 2011 data, when 92.3 per cent had English (English or Welsh in Wales) as their main language. 

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Within Hertfordshire, 89.52 per cent of people aged three years and over in Welwyn Hatfield speak English as their main language, while Polish is the second most common main language after English at 1.66 per cent. 

Hertsmere shows 89.71 per cent speak English as their first language while the second most spoken common language is Polish at 0.76 per cent. 

In Stevenage, 91.85 per cent of people speak English as their main language and Polish is the second most common main language at 1.15 per cent. 


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While in St Albans, 93.67 per cent of people speak English as their main language other EU languages at 1.82 per cent as their second most spoken language. 

East Herts shows the second most spoken language other than English as other EU language at 1.82 per cent, while North Herts shows other EU languages as 1.09 per cent.