A Potters Bar school believes it has found its oldest alumni, a former student who attended in the 1930s.

Dame Alice Owens, in Dugdale Hill Lane, was founded more than 400 years ago, but was once part of Islington and not Hertfordshire.

It was during that time that Daphne Paskin was a pupil, and now, at 102 years old, she could be Dame Alice's oldest living alumni.

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The school were made aware of this amazing piece of history by Daphne's daughter, Barbra, who said: "The most I remember of my mother talking about the school was in terms of her elite education and the languages she studied while there. Back then it was in Islington.

"Also, her aunt - my great-aunt - Gloria Brent taught there. She was a famed elocution teacher with books to her name, but I'm not sure what she would have been teaching, whether elocution or English.

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"My mother did tell me she was not allowed to let on that Aunt Gloria was a relative so it remained their secret."

Daphne joined the army for the Second World War after leaving school, but returned when her father was killed by a bomb as he ushered workers at his garment factory to safety.

Barbra is also convinced that her mother - who lives in Nightingale House Care Home in London - would have been a concert pianist had she not married.