A Welwyn Garden City social housing tenant is in crisis after an horrific mould problem has turned her "fresh start" into a "nightmare".

A year ago, Chloe Crellin was facing homelessness and had spent eight months in hospital, but when a home was found for her in Welwyn Garden City, she could finally look ahead to the future.

She was offered a flat by The Guiness Partnership in Guinness House in Little Hardings, but mould and damp have quickly taken over the property.

"Since having this flat, I have faced never ending problems with regards to damp and mould in the property," she said.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The problem has been caused by wet insulation.The problem has been caused by wet insulation. (Image: Chloe Crellin)

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"All of my furniture is getting ruined as a result of the mould. I have had to throw clothes away because they've had so much mould on them."

According to mould specialist who visited Chloe's flat, the problem has been caused by wet insulation, meaning she cannot heat her flat.

"I had a mould specialist come to my flat who said that I was 'throwing money down the drain' in trying to heat my property, due to the insulation in the walls being soaking wet" she continued.

"He said that it doesn't matter what I do, the mould will just continue to build up because of how badly maintained the property is.

"Consequently, I have been ill since November. This is most likely down to the fact that I cannot heat my flat.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Chloe Crellin has called on The Guinness Partnership and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to take action.Chloe Crellin has called on The Guinness Partnership and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to take action. (Image: Chloe Crellin)

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"This whole situation is seriously impacting upon my mental health, given that I spent eight months in hospital before coming out to, what should have been, a fresh start for me.

"Instead it has been a nightmare because of the stress and loss of money from trying to keep my things from getting damaged and trying to keep myself warm."

Chloe has called on The Guiness Partnership and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to take action, adding: "I believe my situation could have been prevented had the council ensured that the Guinness Partnership were maintaining the properties that they are allowing people to rent.

"They've said they will try and rehouse me, but they are only able to do so within the scope of the Guinness Partnership, meaning that I could be stuck in this cold, wet property for months before anything comes up."

In a statement, a spokesman for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council said: "We are in contact with the tenant and she is aware it would be the responsibility of The Guinness Partnership to find alternative temporary accommodation which meets her needs.

"We are also waiting for further contact from them to ascertain what further action they are taking to rectify the problems in her current home."

The Guinness Partnership have been contacted for comment.