An “incredible” Potters Bar resident believes “love” is the reason she has lived to turn 102. 

Lillian Woodman turned 102 on Thursday, February 23, while surrounded by family members and staff of the Mayfair Lodge where she lives. 

When asked what her secret to living a long life is, Lillian said: “Love is the reason to a long life. Giving love and receiving love is key.” 

On the other hand, her daughter and son-in-law said: “Keeping her moving, eating and being involved with family, whilst always maintaining her independence, is the reason for a long life.” 

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Lillian had a packed life prior to living at the care home, was extremely active and enjoyed a busy social life. 

She moved to Potters Bar as a child at the same time as her future husband, Jack Woodman, who she married in 1942. 

Lillian and Jack were married for 53 years, until he passed away in 1995. 

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Jack Woodman, who was married to Lillian for 53 years.Jack Woodman, who was married to Lillian for 53 years. (Image: Mayfair Lodge)

Lillian was an important member of the Girl Guides groups when she was younger, which she joined in the early 70s.  

She enjoyed camping and other activities, and eventually found her home with the 7th Potters Bar group where she was captain. 

The stalwart went on to spend two decades with the Guides before joining the Trefoil Guild – an extension of the Guides and Scouts.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Lillian was a stalwart of the girl guides group in Potters Bar for many years.Lillian was a stalwart of the girl guides group in Potters Bar for many years. (Image: Mayfair Lodge)

Animal-lover Lillian was also a member of the RSPB and often went on bird watching and excavation missions. 

She was also an avid cyclist and often rode with her husband before he sadly passed away.


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After Jack's passing, Lillian moved to Little Heath in Potters Bar and joined the Mother's Union - a charity that cares for mothers and children - at Christchurch. 

The 102-year-old lived alone until she was 99, when a decision was made for her to join a care home. 

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Lillian when she was younger.Lillian when she was younger. (Image: Mayfair Lodge)

Speaking about how Lillian fills her days now, a spokesperson from the home said: “Lillian is incredible! She is synonymous with the home.  

“She relaxes the whole day. She enjoys animal documentaries and reminisces by looking through old scrap books. She also enjoys pet therapy, and is probably one of the residents who is most into music.”