A new art exhibition presented by University of Hertfordshire Arts + Culture is set to open first week in March. 

On Thursday, March 9, the Art + Design Gallery will be open in College Lane Campus and will run until Saturday, April 29. 

Static is a solo exhibition of new work by artist Fiona Curran, which moves between small-scale intimate works and large-scale installations, exploring the impacts of screen-based technologies on our sensory engagement. 

Curator Elizabeth Murton said: “UH Arts + Culture is thrilled to present this exhibition. Fiona Curran’s application of colour – directly on to the gallery walls and in the artworks – plays with our perception.  

“By doing so, it calls into question how our screen-based activities are impacting our experience of the world.” 

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The artist works with painting and textiles – through iterations of colour, material, scale and arrangement. 

At the core of this exhibition is Fiona's ongoing body of work, ‘A visible that never stops vanishing’. 

Based on the increasing distractions of screen-based scrolling and swiping, each work has been created from fabrics that are stacked and stitched in place.  

On the surface, they appear as paintings, however closer inspection reveals the materiality of the layered fabrics, with loose threads, frayed edges and manufacturing glitches on full display. 

A special opening reception will be held on Wednesday, March 8, between 5pm and 6.30pm. The exhibit will be open until April 29.

Find out more at www.uharts.co.uk