A young Knebworth entrepreneur is set to take on the challenge of BBC Three’s Young MasterChef cooking show. 

Jordan Pomerance, who was born in Stevenage, has pushed himself to put his skills to the test. 

Young MasterChef is a spin-off of a BBC One show, and will see up-and-coming talent in the UK - between the ages of 18 and 25 - compete to be crowned the inaugural winner. 

The 22-year-old made it past the pizza challenge which aired last night (Monday, January 9), where Jordan got nothing but positive comments for his dish. 

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The solely vegan chef wowed the judges with a spelt and nutmeg pizza base and roasted garlic, red peppers, jerk oyster mushrooms, plantain making up his sauce and toppings. 

Speaking about his experience on the show, Jordan said: “It’s been really good! All of the contestants were so nice, and it was a really good competition.

"Everyone is at a similar skill level, but it didn’t feel like we were all against each other because we were working together. Everyone looked after each other throughout the whole competition.  

“Cooking in the Young MasterChef kitchen is a completely different experience to how it comes across when you watch it on the television. 

“I was a little bit worried that someone a little bit older than me would have loads more experience. And I did come into MasterChef as a vegan contestant, so that definitely put pressure on.” 

Jordan's style of cooking is a blend of soul food, and world cuisine. He said: “I love vibrant colours, interesting textures and find joy in foraging for my ingredients. 

“My overall food ethos is inspired in many ways by the Indian diet and Ayurvedic medicine which originated in India over 3,000 years ago.  Welwyn Hatfield Times: Jordan in the Young MasterChef kitchen.Jordan in the Young MasterChef kitchen. (Image: Young MasterChef)

“It uses plants and food as medicine, and I like this principle. I try to reflect this in my food and incorporate ingredients with proven natural health benefits, for example ginger and turmeric.” 

Jordan lives at home with his mum, dad, two younger sisters, and three cats, Marley, Rolo and Wispa. 

Reminiscing on when he first gained his interest in cooking, Jordan said: “I remember helping my mum cook dinner for the family, I'd always enjoy preparing ingredients, helping to roll out pastry for a pie, stir the pot or be the official taste tester.  

“I loved helping my dad with the barbecue in summer and I loved making eggy bread as a treat dinner occasionally for the family. I’ve always found cooking fun.  

"I looked forward to my cooking lessons at school. I remember being quite excited when mum said I could bake something.” 

Prior to coming into the competition, Jordan already had a successful vegan food business that he runs out of his home in Knebworth.  

The business is called Yom, which is a combination of ‘Yum’ and ‘Om’, a Hindu symbol meaning ‘sound of creation’. Welwyn Hatfield Times: Jordan on Young MasterChef, a spin-off of a BBC One show.Jordan on Young MasterChef, a spin-off of a BBC One show. (Image: Young MasterChef)

Jordan cooks for the business all on his own in his kitchen at home, and he travels around with a gazebo to various events selling his food. 

The young entrepreneur plans on expanding different sides of this food business in the near future. 

Jordan said: “My plans now are to just focus on taking that to the highest I know it can reach. I am launching some new products, and I plan on doing private hire, functions and my future goal is to work towards a food van and eventually have restaurants worldwide. 

“Everything about the business would be sustainable, from the equipment in the kitchen to bringing new job opportunities to the area and utilising local food suppliers.

Each outlet would deliver unique, soul fuelling, mind nourishing food.”

To watch Jordan on Young MasterChef, go to: https://tinyurl.com/v8hk7vtn