Concerns have been raised over noises coming from a Welwyn Garden City factory, keeping nearby residents awake at night.

Tenants of a Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing property in Bessemer Road have reported hearing loud mechanical whirring from the Grace Foods Factory across the road.

Richard Gibbs, a 60-year-old resident, said: “I have sent about 300 noise recordings to council members. I am basically living in a flat that is inhabitable.” 

“None of the issues are a surprise to anyone involved, except the people who have moved in there. The council, the developers, the landlords, everyone knew about the constant sound and still went on to build this property. 

“I haven’t had more than six hours of sleep in over 750 nights.” 

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Richard made a complaint to the council in April 2021, and he says noise recording equipment was brought to his flat so a report could be made. 

According to Richard, it was determined that nothing could be done, as Grace Floods pre-exists the flats. 

“They already knew Grace Foods was there first and still signed off on these houses," Richard continued.  

A female resident that moved into the property four years ago said: “I made a complaint to environmental health because the noise was never going away, and I couldn’t even sleep at night and if you have the windows open, there is constant ringing in your ear. 

“Almost immediately, environmental health contacted me back stating that they had already conducted an investigation in 2018 and there was nothing they could do about it, although they were aware that it is above the legal requirement."

During the extreme heat in summer this year, residents struggled to cope with having to either keep their windows closed or open them, but deal with the noise. 

Richard added: “Everything done has shown that it is above legal level so there is no question about that.” 

The anonymous resident said: “They keep saying they are trying to get air conditioning, double glazing and other things to keep the sound out but it is also something the council should have done before signing off the plans for the property. 

“People are suffering as a direct result of it. I don’t know if it’s a human error, but they knew that we could not open our windows because of this sound being above the legal limit.” 

An MTVH spokesperson said: “This is a regrettable situation. We understand how frustrating it is for the residents concerned and are working on a noise reduction solution in the affected homes, at no cost to residents.

"We have been testing this in one home, and if successful will be proposing it for the other properties. We will continue to work closely with the council to ensure that the situation is resolved.” 

A spokesperson from WHBC: “We are working with the owner of the flats to help them address the noise issues. We have not advised the residents to keep their windows closed and have proactively tried to assist one resident with rehousing due to their particular circumstances while the issues are being resolved.” 

Grace Foods was approached for comment, but has yet to respond.