A Potters Bar U14s football player has been given a nine-game ban after making an anti-Semitic social media post. 

On Wednesday, September 19, Potters Bar United’s youth team and Maccabi London FC had a County Cup match, after which a minor had posted offensive material on Snapchat. 

This led to a huge backlash from the Jewish community which called for an investigation carried out by Hertfordshire Constabulary and concluded on Sunday, December 11. 

Police were made aware of the post, enquiries were carried out and a teenage boy was interviewed under caution.  

Herts police said: “He fully admitted the offence and was dealt with by community resolution. 

"Hate crimes can have a severe impact on victims and on the wider community as a whole. Incidents of this nature will absolutely not be tolerated in Hertfordshire and any reports made to police will be taken seriously and dealt with sensitively." 

The punishments included a nine-game ban for the player, of which two are suspended for one year and shall be automatically invoked should a similar charge be proven in next year.

The team was also given nine disciplinary points. There’s also a requirement to complete an FA online education programme and pay a fine, for which the club is responsible as the boy is a minor.

The family of the minor have also undertaken an additional education programme regarding Judaism and the Holocaust. 

Potters Bar United issued a statement saying: "PBU supports the disciplinary ruling that has been made (which includes a playing ban) and has fully co-operated with the investigation at all levels.

"The social media post and subsequent child welfare issues were taken extremely seriously by PBU, and we were all very affected by the incident and its aftermath.

"We thank the PBU community for their patience, especially those most affected by the post, whilst the investigation was ongoing.

"PBU finds any form of discriminatory behaviour totally abhorrent. It has no place at PBU nor in any of our communities.

"We do not condone any type of discrimination or online bullying and we will work hard to improve our procedures, educate our players and members, and offer support to parents to help teach their children about antisemitism and any type of discrimination."

Hertfordshire FA did not wish to comment of the issue involving minors.