From a successful roofing business to a popular Hatfield Kitchen in a car park, one St Albans-based businessman has it all covered.

Uncle Tim’s Total Kitchen is run by Chris Blow and located on Great North Road in Hatfield Social Club’s car park, opposite the train station. 

The kitchen’s name was created in honour of Chris’s uncle, Tim, who passed away recently in his lorry.

Chris, 36, was very close to his uncle, who was also his father’s twin brother. Welwyn Hatfield Times: Uncle Tim's was created in honour of Chris's uncle who passed away recently.Uncle Tim's was created in honour of Chris's uncle who passed away recently. (Image: Kylee Blow)

Kylee Blow, Chris’s wife, who does the background work for the kitchen, said: “It has always been Chris’s dream to run a tea van. He has a roofing company as well and the two do not match up, but it works for him. He has had this idea for years he just went ahead and put it together.” 

Uncle Tim’s Total Kitchen is a tea van converted into a working kitchen that serves smash burgers, hotdogs, loaded fries, jacket potatoes, breakfast foods and so much more. 

“We have a lot of different foods, and we are also starting to serve soup for the colder months, and we see what the customers ask for and go with that. We introduce new things all the time or put our own spin on foods,” Kylee said. 

The meat provided in the tea van comes from a local butcher, as the couple wanted to support local businesses.

Just Eat and Deliveroo is also available for those who cannot travel to the stationary van. Welwyn Hatfield Times: Smash burgers sold at Uncle Tim's with their own spin.Smash burgers sold at Uncle Tim's with their own spin. (Image: Kylee Blow)

“The kitchen opened its door in May this year and although business was slow when it started, it has picked up and become a popular Hatfield go to for many. We have many customers who travel a bit for our food, especially from London Colney and the Hatfield station. 

“Chris is a really good cook, and he always cooks at home. It is not my department,” Kylee added. 

Although the couple are based in St Albans, they saw potential in Hatfield, which offered easier licensing permits to start up the business Chris has always dreamt of.