The Christmas spirit is well and truly alive in Knebworth.

Children in the village have been busy crafting hand-made Christmas cards for residents at a local retirement community.

Year One pupils from Knebworth Primary & Nursery School kindly created 60 Christmas cards addressed to residents at Lowe House, a McCarthy Stone retirement community located in London Road.

Aged five to six, the schoolchildren took extra special care with theirs crafts and even included a special note inside for each homeowner to cherish.

Organised by McCarthy Stone, the Christmas cards were arranged to make sure Christmas 2021 is one to remember for Lowe House residents – many of whom moved into the retirement community earlier this year.

As the holiday season gets under way, the residents are also enjoying a jam-packed schedule of festive themed nights, live entertainment and games throughout December.

Sim Bains, deputy headteacher at the school, said: "We are so lucky to have made our lovely Christmas cards for the residents of Lowe House.

"The children were all so excited to be sending their Christmas card to someone living there and took extra care to make sure they were fantastic!

"They really enjoyed creating them and it's such a lovely initiative for our children to be part of – it really helps bring the community together."

Lucy Hancock, senior marketing executive for McCarthy Stone, added: “With Knebworth Primary & Nursery School right on Lowe House’s doorstep, the residents were delighted to receive their special hand-made Christmas cards, which I’m sure they will keep as a special memento for years to come.

"Thank you to all the children for helping us to start Christmas celebrations in such a heart-warming way!

“Community is one of the main attractions at our developments and it’s important that we keep that community spirit alive at Christmas and all year round.

"The homeowners at Lowe House wholeheartedly enjoy connecting with people, and it is our aim to facilitate that as much as possible.

"Our hope is that next year, we can go one step further and safely invite people from across Knebworth to come and celebrate Christmas together with us.”