Consultation over a new football ground in Hatfield has opened after the town council secured funding for the project.

With plans to build the ground at Birchwood Leisure Centre, the town council is keen to hear residents' preferences for a grass or Astroturf pitch, as well as their views on preferences for other sporting facilities at Birchwood or to be prioritised for future development.

“We would like to take this opportunity to understand the sports facilities that would best serve you and your family,” said a spokesman.

“We can then use your preferences to guide our decision making for the future.

“Right now, there is funding available to build a new football ground and we would really appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

“Hatfield Town Council have obtained some funding to build a new football ground on the Birchwood playing fields.

“We are currently at the consultation stage. There are a number of stages and approvals to be met.

“It should be appreciated that whilst the town council will be making every effort to deliver the best results for Hatfield, there are some constraints on the funding that will need to be negotiated.”

A new stadium would be an historic moment for Hatfield Town FC, who have not played on their own ground in the town for nearly 40 years.

In 1984, the club folded due to lack of finances and a committee to run the team, but having reformed in 1989, they have played on the pitches at Birchwood as well as ground sharing with the likes of Welwyn Garden City and London Colney.

“It is generally recognised that there has long been a need for a football ground to serve the Hatfield community and the town’s aspiring football clubs,” said town council leader Caron Juggins.

“The last ground serving Hatfield’s senior football teams was demolished in 1984. Replacement facilities were required through the signing of a Section 106 planning agreement with the university, this is now known as the Sport Specific Major Grant Project Fund, but in essence the parameters remain the same.

"As leader of Hatfield Town Council, I am committed, along with all my cross-party colleagues, to ensuring that we move forward on bringing to fruition the dream of a football and sports hub at Birchwood.”

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