Hertfordshire-based 'Wicked Watercolours' artist Fiona Pruden looks at painting in 'Sumptuous September'.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Autumn River Walk by Fiona PrudenAutumn River Walk by Fiona Pruden (Image: Fiona Pruden)

Well, no one can say we haven’t been spoiled with the weather but has anyone else noticed how the shadows have lengthened already – especially first thing in the mornings – and the colours of the trees have already started to slip into their autumn foliage?

No better time to dust off some of those exciting colours we don’t use too often – transparent yellow, quinacridone gold and green gold, brown madder and perhaps a splash of dark burnt sienna or Van Dyke Brown.

Prussian blue has become a bit of a favourite this year, over the usual ultramarine blue, so well worth spending an hour or two experimenting with the glorious – and rather surprising – mixes that you can find with these combinations.

Add the little known Capuut Mortem (ignore the ‘dead blood’ name, it’s lovely dark violet colour) and you’re totally set up for joining our Wicked Watercolour classes this autumn.

For the beginners 'Starting Out' is a great place to take your first nervous steps and really get the basics under your belt, building the confidence you need to move on.

The more experienced improvers can really start enjoying the process with the 'Splashing Out' classes, or if you’re really feeling adventurous why not throw yourself in the deep end with the exciting 'Spicing Out' advanced classes using Brusho and various other additives to add to the fun.

Classes are either live on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday mornings around Codicote and Welwyn, or online through Zoom if you’re further away and can join in on-screen. These are recorded so you never need to miss a splash or splatter!

Subject matter as always varies tremendously. This year a journey from an end of summer seaside splash, on to capturing some fluffy action with a couple of boxing hares, then getting to grips with body, form, tone, colour and shade before we unleash all those lush autumn colours and brush up our tree and woodland painting, with reflections to add to the challenge.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The Body BeautifulThe Body Beautiful (Image: Fiona Pruden)

So, sharpen-up those watercolour pencils, shampoo and condition your sables, and join up with one of our friendly, supportive groups.

Even if you’ve never touched watercolours before a warm welcome awaits you. Wouldn’t it be lovely to look forward to an autumn term of delicious challenges, glorious colours and subjects to study, and succeed?

For more information, class schedules, Zoom links and materials list, contact Fiona Pruden on +44 7956 537140 or wicked.watercolours@gmail.com.