Why was no-one told?

SIR – I write in reply to the letter (Jan 20) regarding the closure of the cafe at the Birchwood Leisure Centre, in Hatfield.

After consulting members of Hatfield Town Council I understand that this was not a spur of the moment decision, but was taken on economic grounds as the cafe had been loosing money.

What surprises me is not the closure, but the manner in which it occurred.

To arrive after the Christmas break and find a notice saying that it is now closed is unfortunate, especially when the decision was made well before that date and patrons could have been forewarned. Since the town council sends out a magazine to all local households on a regular basis, news of the cafe closure and the reasons for it should have been part of a news section.

Unfortunately, not even advertising of some events that are supported by the council get enough space for them to be given more than a glance by readers and make them a date to be remembered.

The closure of the cafe highlights the fact that Hatfield needs to be told a lot more about what Hatfield Town Council is doing in the name of the local community.

Hazel Laming,

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Briars Lane,