We need a joint approach to solve verge problems

SIR – I would like to respond to councillor Cowan’s repeated complaint that the delay in repairing grass verges is the responsibility of the borough council (Latest delay over borough’s muddy grass verges ‘totally unsatisfactory’ – WHT, July 28).

In previous years the borough did undertake this function, but funding was removed from us as the matter was taken in-house by Hertfordshire County Council.

I would prefer for the verge repairs to take place by HCC on an agreed priority basis, or fund the borough to do so on its behalf.

The alternative, of course, is to produce Traffic Regulation Orders to prevent parking, which generally moves the problem elsewhere and results in residents receiving fixed penalty notices which I would not be comfortable with.

Councillor Cowan is also a county councillor and is more than aware of all the issues.

However, I am loathe to resolve a problem which will only end up costing the community more and probably result in fines.

I really do wish to remedy this problem for the good of the community, and executive members and officers will be meeting, hopefully, to find a joint approach.

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Councillor Cowan, don’t just criticise, state what your solution is and who will pay the cost.

Councillor Colin Couch,

Executive member for environment,

Welwyn Hatfield Council.