We can’t park outside our own house as it is!

SIR – I would like to add my voice to news of the ridiculous announcement of parking charges being introduced at KGV.

I live in Howicks Green, off Howlands, very close to the QE2.

We have a daily battle with visitors and employees of the hospital parking in our street.

We have personally received a letter from the council threatening prosecution and a �500 fine if my partner continues to park on the grass verge outside our property, but as this is the only available space what else are we expected to to do?

There are no nearby garages available to rent and if we want to drop the kerb and provide our own driveway, this has to be done at our own expense.

I have spoken to someone in the communities and environment department at the borough council who had no interest in our problem at all and I have also emailed my MP to see if anything else can be done to help this situation.

The council seems hell-bent on making life increasing difficult for residents, except if you are a council tenant, when dropped kerbs, crossovers and driveways are provided free of charge!

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Shirley Joyner,

Howicks Green,