We are being penalised

SIR – I have just read with disgust and disapproval your article on the proposed introduction of charges at the KGV Playing Fields car park.

What does Welwyn Hatfield Council want, another empty open space that is not used to its full potential?

I am a member of one of the remaining bowls clubs which play at KGV and use the car park several times a week during the summer.

I know the car park is well used during the day by hospital patients and visitors, but it has never been full and I have always been able to park.

I have always said meters would be put here, ever since thousands of pounds was spent digging up the car park a couple of years ago and relaying the whole area again to a depth 18 inches, when all it wanted was resurfacing, as the foundations were already there.

Beehive Lane is a bus route already congested with cars.

If charges are imposed, it will not only push more cars out onto the local streets, blocking roads, driveways, etc, but also drive the final nail in the coffin for the few who use the bowls facilities at the park.

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KGV is there as a recreational and sports facility for the people of the area and any charges put in place on our open spaces will stop it being used as such.

If the council, via Finesse, wants to spend �60,000, how about spending it on more playground equipment, etc, to replace the swings and roundabouts taken away by them over the years.

This woulde encourage families back into the park instead of driving them away, which, in my opinion, has happened at Standborough Park.

Again it’s motorists who are the target.

They were encouraged to use the facility and now they do, they are being penalised for it.

It would seem, if something is working well, the council will change it, or tax it!

I thought this council was here for the people!

G Sullivan,