Showing great Enterprise at Breaks

SIR – I was pleased to see Breaks Youth Centre has been awarded a grant for improvements to the Enterprise Hall.

However, I believe your article may have an error as to the naming of same.

In the mid-50s it was decided that part of the then flower garden could be put to better use by constructing a function hall for Breaks and its club members, of which I was one.

It was decided it would be a copy of the building that stood in the front of the then de Havilland main office, (now the new police station).

This was called the ‘Enterprise’ hall, the name which followed to the new Breaks Hall.

As a point of interest, the builders engaged to do this project laid the foundations then went bust. It was agreed that club members could maybe finish the building, as some of the members (which I was one) possesed enough experience in the building trade, and other members could help in other ways.

Cooked dinners were supplied by Rose Salmon. A Mr (Chief) Lawler supervised the construction and the grand opening of the hall with a dance, etc, was attended by the then Lady Salisbury and members of the management committee.

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Mr Ron Hale and myself were MCs for the occasion.

D Hedges

The Downs, Hatfield