Bright borders and fresh fences – do you have the best lockdown garden in Herts?

Share a picture of your garden and you could win a prize...

Share a picture of your garden and you could win a prize... - Credit: PA

Has your garden had a good tidy up over the last 10 weeks? Send in a photo of your beautiful green space and win prizes from

The combination of lockdown and a sunny spring has, for many people, meant one thing - days spent in the garden.

Lawns have been mowed religiously, seeds planted and fences painted, with little else to do on the long weekends spent at home.

And as boring borders and unloved vegetables patches have sprung into life, we’d like to see the fruits of your labour.

We’ve launched a new competition to find the county’s Best Lockdown Garden and are encouraging you to send in your photographs.

Every week we’ll be showcasing your photos, and the winners will be judged by our Enjoy Gardening More head gardener Peter McDermott.

There are two categories to enter - gardens under 150 square metres, and those above 150 square metres.

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Anne Suslak, editor of the Welwyn & Hatfield Times, said: “We know the nice weather has encouraged people out into their gardens over the last few weeks.

“Not only is gardening a great hobby to keep us fit and active, but it can be a brilliant way to unwind and switch off from everything going on around us.

“We do our best to keep people’s spirits up during these challenging times, and we’d love to see - and publish - the no-doubt beautiful photos you have showing your hard work.

“There are some great prizes to be won - so please do send us your photographs!”

To enter, simply send your photographs to and make sure to include your name, postcode, daytime telephone number and the size of your garden.

If you wish to tell us more about your garden, please include details on your email.

Closing date for submissions is June 15. Mr McDermott will then judge all published photos and the winners will be announced the week beginning July 6.

Winners will receive £100 or £50 to spend on