Poppy Appeal thank yous

SIR – Could we, at the Potters Bar branch of the Royal British Legion, express our heartfelt thanks to the people of Potters Bar who so generously donated �18,200 to the Poppy Appeal collection in November.

This is about 35 per cent increase on last year.

When we add in wreath sales, donations, church collections and monies from fundraising events held within our branch, we are confident we will exceed the �20,000 target that we set ourselves.

We must also thank all the volunteers who made this collection possible.

There is so much work involved setting up this appeal.

Poppy Appeal organiser Graham Knightley prepares the order for supplies in July. Next he contacts his known collectors and recruits more (always welcome). September sees him preparing poppy trays and labelling tins ready to distribute in October.

Two weeks into November he gathers together his team of volunteers to undertake the counting of indivdual tins.

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This usually involves 20 people who enjoy doing this and having a light lunch halfway through.

Graham then starts to send out thank you cards to collectors, schools, shops and supermarkets while still banking money from various sources.

This is Graham’s first year as our Poppy Appeal organiser so the branch executive committee would like to express its thanks to him for taking over the appeal at short notice.

Well done Graham.

The Royal British Legion, through its 2,000 branches are there ready to help all ex-servicemen and women along with their dependants.

The Legion can give advice on pensions and benefits from initial claims to assiatance at tribunals.

There are so many ways that we can help, too numerous to list here.

World War Two veterans are now entering their 90s, today’s veterans are 18 and 19-year-olds.

We are there for them all.

Thank you once again.

Maureen Dalton,

Branch chairman,

Mutton Lane,

Potters Bar.