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SIR – I m sure you will get a lot of replies to Keith McCourt s letter (May 7) so I ll keep mine brief. He doesn t say who he thinks is responsible for the Post Office s problems – surely not Grant Shapps? I m not sure what he means regarding the next ba

SIR - I'm sure you will get a lot of replies to Keith McCourt's letter (May 7) so I'll keep mine brief.

He doesn't say who he thinks is responsible for the Post Office's problems - surely not Grant Shapps?

I'm not sure what he means regarding "the next ballot box" but I predict at the next general election Grant Shapps is a certainty to be elected. So, Keith, grab any odds you can get, and bet your life on it.

Hubert Allen, Holloways Lane, Welham Green.

Sir - I take extreme exception to the assertion in the Hatfield South Residents News produced by Grant Shapps and friends stating Labour's failure to represent local people properly.

For years we have had excellent Labour councillors in the area but since the Conservative stranglehold on the borough council it has been impossible to implement the changes that local people deserve.

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Reading this pamphlet you would think that the Tory administration has achieved wonders. For instance Mr Shapps is claiming for his Tory councillor friend success in lowering crime, dealing with disruptive students and anti-social behaviour, tidying up the area and dealing with housing issues. What a load of rubbish! Ask the local people.

He also advises in his own words "send Gordon Brown a message".

Mr Shapps as our local MP should be aware that local elections are only to elect representatives to serve in the local councils. It has nothing to do with national politics. If he doesn't realise this he should stay in Westminster and not involve himself with local elections.

Tony Wilder, Wilkins Green Lane, Hatfield.

SIR - We wish to express our thanks to Maureen Cook (ex Labour councillor) for all the hard work she has put into Hatfield and for the people she has helped. She will be sadly missed, and on behalf of those people I would like to wish her well in the future.

Mrs M Dunne, Salisbury Village.