No regular meetings over Moneyhole Lane Park

SIR – I wish to clarify a point reported in your article of January 20 about the new barrier proposal designed to reduce anti-social behaviour at Moneyhole Lane Park.

In that article you carry a statement from an unnamed council spokeswoman that states: “Finesse Leisure manages the park on behalf of the council and regularly meets with the group.”

This is not the case.

The reality is that the last time Finesse attended a Friends of Moneyhole meeting was over six months ago.

They are always invited but seem unable to attend.

This is a pretty poor show by Finesse which appears to be unwilling to engage in a public arena with the friends group.

In addition our group has great difficulty in gaining access to the pavilion at Moneyhole when it wants to hold meetings.

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Finesse, as managers of the park and facilities, also appears unwilling to facilitate such usage.

I would suggest the council spokeswoman check her facts before making such erroneous statements for print in your paper.

On the issue of the Community Chest application, only councillors can submit Community Chest proposals, not ward residents, unfortunately.

Two of our councillors have indicated they will do so. So our group and over 160 residents who have signed a petition for a barrier, live in hope that our councillors will act imminently to improve the lives of local residents.

To date Panshanger has had one of the lowest Community Chest allocations in the entire borough and this proposal fits the Community Chest funding criteria perfectly so should not be an issue.

We are not saying this is the only workable solution to this problem, but no others have been put forward, so we took the initiative and came up with our own proposal.

Will Davis,

Friends of Moneyhole,