Most students are happy to integrate

SIR — Having read with interest the article in your newspaper dated, October 14 (Student noise not music to our ears), I would like to comment and put a more positive viewpoint to living in Salisbury Village, Hatfield.

We, as residents living in Salisbury Village, do come across unruly, irresponsilble and noisy students who are living within our community. But, there are very few that make our lives hell.

In the majority of suburban estates where residents and students live alongside each other there will be some problems, no matter in which part of the country you live.

What I would like to let your readers know is that we, as residents, are doing everything possible to integrate these young people into our everyday lives.

We have door-knocked and asked them to join our Neighbourhood Watch scheme (many have joined).

We have asked them to our social events, drinks at the local bars and clubs, BBQs, litter picks (yes we have had students come and help on a Saturday morning).

The majority are hard working, studious students.

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Unfortunately the few that don’t care are making some families’ lives miserable and that is where the police, university liaison officers, council employees from the environmental health department and our MP Grant Shapps are helping.

It would be a greater help if the council environmental health office was open during the night and weekends as its officers could sort out any anti-social behavioural problems immediately, but unfortunately they work office hours only. As a result they are not solving any noise problems straight away.

Salisbury Village is an estate where we have many young and many old residents of many nationalities who all look out for each other, we have an active residents association with sub-groups which meet regularly.

We all want to live a quiet and harmonious life together.

TG, Salisbury Village.