Memorial plaque is a disgrace

Sir – This morning I attended the Holocaust Day vigil in Hatfield and, along with all present, was appalled at the state of the (tiny) plaque.

Firstly, it is set at ground level and so is, effectively, unreadable. Secondly, it was filthy and being under the tree planted to commemorate The Holocaust, was made totally illegible by a layer of bird lime.

Unsurprisingly, much adverse comment was made by those present regarding such careless neglect and I felt ashamed that any authority would appear so disrespectful to the memory of all those who perished in such tragic circumstances at the hands of the accursed Nazis.

It is high time that the Holocaust memorial in Hatfield matched the quality of that in WGC.

Once again, a situation like this gives ammunition to those who say that Hatfield always plays second fiddle to WGC.

Feeding that myth is divisive and undermines any attempts to establish a cohesive, tolerant relationship between residents of the two towns.

I urge the borough council to spend a couple of thousand pounds on a fitting memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

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A suitably worded plaque set into a solid stone support (a gravestone?) would do justice to that ideal. I am obliged to Howard Morgan for that idea.

I have attended all nine of the Holocaust Day vigils and each time I can recall that others, as well as myself have said “Never Again”.

I fervently hope that never again shall we see such disrespectful neglect on the part of the local authority towards over six million men, women and children who were put to death six decades ago.

Dr Dennis Lewis,

Link Drive,