Madness in Sherrardspark Wood

SIR – It is madness! On Good Friday my wife and I took a stroll through Sherrardspark Wood in WGC.

However, we were shocked to see what has happened there.

Great swathes of shrubs, bushes (and of course rhododendrons) have been cut down or torn up; the wood resembles a building site!

Sixty odd years ago we used to play in there as boys, making camps, climbing trees, playing cowboys and indians and hide and seek.

This wouldn`t be possible today as it is devoid of any kind of greenery.

Have the wood wardens or their masters gone mad?

The many little footpaths that criss-crossed the wood are blocked by piles of branches and old wood, meaning that many of the old routes are not accessible anymore.

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There are signs saying that the fences are to keep out muntjacs, but there is nowhere for them to hide anyway.

What next, turnstiles and concrete paths I wonder?

I have no doubt that this lunacy has come from the “nutters” in Brussels. but our council must take the blame for what is clearly organised vandalism.

I only hope that we, the taxpayers, are not footing the bill!

We both found the experience very depressing.

Bob Twigg,

Harwood Close, WGC.