Hertfordshire roads rough as ever

SIR – With regard to the article Dust hasn t settled in dangerous road works debate . It seems to me that this is just another shoddy quick fix by Hertfordshire Highways. Deciding to repair the ever-crumbling roads in Hertfordshire, by spreading

Proud to be members

SIR - Further to your article of August 5, relating to the refusal of The Shamrock Club [in WGC] to allow a banned individual to attend his uncle's wake.

As members of the Shamrock we are rightly proud of the reputation of our club. When we join, we agree to follow the rules and abide by our committee decisions.

We have an excellent committee here which undertakes its duties with diligence and pride.

It is an honour to be members of such a well run association. Unlike so many other social clubs at this time The Shamrock has a waiting list to join.

I and other members would like you to explain how you would have liked our committee to have behaved.

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As an established and trusted local paper I would have expected you to applaud the stance of the Shamrock Club.

Woe betides that you report on some of the many good things that occur in the Shamrock Club.

Name and address supplied.

Editor's note: It is not for the WHT to judge or comment on whether the club's action was correct or otherwise. We purely reported the story, as we do all stories, accurately and in a balanced manner.