Do you remember when Hatfield doubled as Michigan city?

A scene from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

A scene from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. - Credit: Larry Horricks

Can you imagine Hatfield doubling as a state in the upper Midwestern United States?

In fact it was actually used as a stand-in for Dearborn, Michigan, in the 2014 thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, starring Chris Pine in the title role.

Pre-production for the movie took place at the production offices of August Street Films Limited, based at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, but some of the filming took place in Hatfield in September 2012.

The modernist church of 'St Uriel the Archangel’ said to be located in ‘Dearborn, MI’, is in reality the 1958 Church of St John, on Bishop’s Rise, south Hatfield, while the 'Dearborn' shopping mall are the High View shops just behind the church.

You can find out more about the production in this WHT article from January 2021: - and check out this footage from the film itself which is available from YouTube.