When a ‘disgusting’ Welwyn Garden City home featured on ITV’s Grimefighters

Grimefighters Welwyn Garden City

The disgusting Welwyn Garden City home was rated 'eight out of 10' and among the worst the Grimefighters had ever seen. - Credit: ITV

2011 saw Welwyn Garden City make a TV appearance, but for all the wrong reasons, as a home in the town was so dirty it featured on Grimefighters.

The ITV show sees extreme cleaners visit the UK’s dirtiest homes, and this property was among the worst they had ever dealt with.

Manager Darren had to be called in to help clear the mess, with one worker telling him: “It’s worse than we thought this morning.

“We’ve cleared two rooms and almost filled the tippers, and there are two more rooms left that are full to your waist.”

Inside, the kitchen and living room were brimming with waste, included bags of faeces and jars of urine, with Darren estimating there to be ‘three tonnes of rubbish’.

The worker described the scene as being among the ‘top five’ dirtiest homes he’d ever been to, giving it an ‘eight out of 10’.

The home belonged to a man who had passed away, with further investigation by the Welwyn Hatfield Times revealing it to be owned by the Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust.

Grimefighters Welwyn Garden City

There was an estimated three tonnes of rubbish inside the home. - Credit: ITV

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“It was let in 1989 to a tenant who died in hospital in September 2010,” said a council spokeswoman.

“There were no obvious indications to staff at the trust, or neighbours, that parts of the property were in such poor condition.

“We always ensure that any necessary work is carried out to empty properties to ensure they meet an acceptable standard before being re-let.”

There was so much rubbish that the Grimefighters were forced to come back to finish the job after filling their lorries with waste.