Do you remember when Hatfield appeared on UK's top TV cop show?

St John's Church, Bishops Rise, Hatfield

St John's Church, Bishops Rise, Hatfield, featured in an episode of Z-Cars. - Credit: Archant

Before Line of Duty, The Bill and The Sweeney, TV's top cop show was unquestionably Z-Cars, centred on the work of mobile uniformed police in the fictional town of Newtown, based on Kirkby, near Liverpool.

But did you know that Hatfield featured on the show in Pieces, episode 7 of series 8, screened for the first time on December 3 1973?

It includes some well known local landmarks, as former Hatfield resident Ian Shippen remarked: "The church is St John's at The Hilltop. The house is at the bottom of Falcon Close - we lived at the top but a few years after this was filmed."

In the episode, a family home is broken into and burgled, but Det Con Skinner (Ian Cullen) becomes intrigued when he gets a hunch that not all is what it seems.

You can see the episode in full below:

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