Has anyone seen Fergus?

SIR – I am trying to locate my missing dog Fergus. He is a black Scottish Terrier (Scottie dog) who is nine years old and wearing a brown collar with an ID disc with telephone numbers on.

I was in the Harwood Park Crematorium, Watton Road, near Knebworth, on January 15 as it was the first year’s anniversary of my father’s passing on that date.

I took my two dogs for a walk around the crematorium and was taking pictures that day. The dogs were running around sniffing the area near the railway track.

I called them and my westie came but Fergus did not which is very unusual.

At the time a funeral was going on and they had Scottish bagpipe players there. I think Fergus heard them as well as gun shots in the distance, which may have spooked him. He hates bagpipe noise and gun shots and gets very frightened as he does with fireworks.

Fergus is a rescue dog from the Dog’s Trust as he was badly abused by men when he was a puppy. He is very scared of most men, especially with heavy boots or sticks.

It has taken a while to get his trust and we are very close, he never leaves my side. We formed a bond instantly and he is a wonderful dog, but timid and scared a lot of the time because of his past.

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I am so desperate to find him. He is microchipped and has ID but it may be hard for someone to approach him unless they are female.

Should anyone sight him anywhere and ring me I can get to him and hopefully find him.

I have put up posters everywhere and been in touch with vets, police, dog wardens, etc. Please can anyone contact me if they see him anywhere on 07974 950707 or call the Stevenage police or WGC police.

Jean Havilland,