Grit-ting my teeth!

SIR – I fully agree with your editor’s comments [Grit-ting my teeth, online at] on the lack of action by the local council[s] regarding snow clearance on footpaths and refuse collection.

The lack of refuse collection is unacceptable.

My daughter, who lives in Chorleywood, telephoned last night and reported that despite very steep hills in the village, their council had fitted chains to its refuse lorries and cleared all refuse from households yesterday.

I presume that the refuse collectors also had ice grippers fitted to their boots.

Health and safety can be overcome given the will and equipment.

Why have not more pavements been cleared adequately in the WGC town centre and leading to homes for the elderly?

The path across Parkway from Sainsbury supermarket to St Francis Church and along Guessens Road has not been cleared in spite of the large number of elderly residents in sheltered accommodation in the Guessens Road area.

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Yesterday I had to help an 85-year-old lady who was pitifully trying to push her shopping trolley through the snow and ice back from Sainsbury’s to her flat in Guessens Road.

Yet, on the path across Parkway, a Serco employee was giving priority to emptying an almost empty litter bin.

David Brown,

Via email

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