Far too early to talk about a uni truce

SIR — Surely it’s very early to be reporting a truce, specifically stating that residents have resolved their issues with the university students? (WHT, October 21).

The disruption and all-round uncaring attitude of the student population has yet to be seen as ‘changed’.

Surely the university has a greater responsibility than just to ‘urge’ students to take care and take action only when it can be proven they do not?

We must also not forget the landlords; are they not partially responsible for their tenants?

And let us also not forget the developers and builders who created this situation, overselling houses for letting after promoting a great residential and social housing development — not Student City.

It will take everyone working together over time to see an improvement.

And a lot depends on the students; remember, these are the academics of the future that may be running the country in years to come.

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Why do they act like louts?

Or is going to university now seen as a Club 18-30 holiday!?

Salisbury Village resident

via email.