Cheap and nasty chips!

SIR – On Sunday, July 25, the eastbound carriageway of the A1000 between the A1(M) and Bessemer Road, was re-surfaced with tons of loose granite chippings spread on a thin layer of hot tar.

In consequence, vehicle undersides get sand-blasted, stone chips are flung in all directions and a choking grey mist arises around the traffic.

Who is the idiot who decreed that this cheap and nasty method of road surfacing should be applied?

By the time traffic runs it in, it will be even noisier than hitherto.

Maybe smooth Tarmac is twice as expensive, but it will last 10 times as long.

It’s time the bean counters be made subservient to engineers who know about such things.

Harry Smith,

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Digswell Park Road, WGC.