Charlie Boy right about potholes

SIR – Having just read Charlie Boy Meynard s brilliant article regarding the state of our roads in WGC, (WHT, April 23) I have to inform you of the shocking state in which Bridge Road East has been left ever since it was worked on by either gas or elect

SIR - Having just read Charlie Boy Meynard's brilliant article regarding the state of our roads in WGC, (WHT, April 23) I have to inform you of the shocking state in which Bridge Road East has been left ever since it was 'worked' on by either gas or electricity utility companies.

The length of treacherous road begins at B&Q and runs all the way down to the fire station. For such a busy road this is really quite dangerous as you are jostled all over the place, while trying to manoeuvre down and around the mini roundabout.

Surely the council should make these utility companies re-surface the whole road, so that these trenches and ditches are not left this way.

I hope you can take time to have a look, and drive down (if you dare) to experience this sorry state of affairs.

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Alex Randall, via email.

Sir - In response to your report on of the diabolical situation regarding potholes in Hollybush Lane, WGC, I wholeheartedly agree the condition of the road surface is extremely poor. To add insult to injury the contractors on behalf of EDF Energy dug up countless sections of this and surrounding roads within the last two weeks.

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At sections near our property and within 24 hours the re-instated tarmac surface had sunk to at least 75mm below normal surface levels. They returned for some reason the next day to just toss extra tarmac into the sinking sections hoping that would cure their blatant shoddy workmanship. This has again sunk to the same dangerous level.

Guess who will now foot the bill for their incompetance which they were obviously aware of? The council taxpayers of Welwyn Hatfield no doubt. I thought the council now were made aware in advance of any roadworks to be actioned. This road was only patched, I believe, last year. Outside our property the public pathway is severely cracked and the kerbstones have sunk to leave a trip hazard of 50mm? Remind me what we pay our taxes (road and fuel) for?

Marc Tims, Hollybush Lane, WGC.

Sir - Re your story by Charlie Boy Maynard, (WHT, April 23) regarding hole repairs in the road.

I phoned the highways department about repairs to Hollybush Lane having watched three men working for the contractors.

The first one put some macadam onto the area to be repaired from his lorry and then drove off. Two other men then levelled it and found that the first man had not put enough onto the hole, but not concerned they just spread it out

and left.

The so called repaired area has now sunk down again and even the original road surface has now cracked all around the edge.

I phoned highways and was passed to four departments over a period of 18 minutes. Still with no answer I put the phone down when told it depended which service had the repair done having already told them it was a road surface repair.

Ray Larking, by email.

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